Objectives of the Childcare program

Primary Goal

Our primary goal is to provide a comprehensive child development program especially designed to meet the needs of working parents. In doing so, we endeavor:

  • To provide a safe and happy environment in which the child will be encouraged to express himself/herself in a variety of ways.
  • To facilitate creativity through play.
  • To help the child grow as an individual and enhance self-image.
  • To facilitate group dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and communication skills.
  • To provide exposure to the environment and extension of the program into the community.
  • To help the child continue to develop self-discipline.
  • To have fun and build lasting memories.

Second Goal

Our second goal is to provide parent support, involvement, communication, and strengthen the family unit by

  • Providing opportunities for parents to participate in constructive activities with their child/children.
  • Providing orientation meetings to help parents understand New Horizons’ policies and procedures.
  • Scheduling quarterly parent meetings to discuss parent concerns about New Horizons’ Program and to exchange program ideas.
  • Acting as a family advocate and support by providing information and referrals concerning family needs.
  • Supportive forms of communication will be
      Letters regarding enrollment and information, Written communication, Newsletters and memos, Bulletin boards for parents, Parent handbook, Calendars of activities.

Third Goal

The third goal is to carry out research and evaluation regarding the child care in order to

  • Continually upgrade the services provided.
  • Provide facilities and supplies that are conducive for child development.
  • Provide for a systematic evaluation of all of the above stated goals and objectives.

Parents Participation

Parents could enrich their child’s participation in the program by:

  • Participating on the Parent Advisory Board and attending Board Meetings. This will enable you to better determine quality childcare for your child. Monthly meetings in the evening are arranged at the convenience of the board members.
  • Providing materials and supplies for use in the program.
  • Conducting a mini session on any skill, cooking, handicraft, carpentry, sports, or any area in which you have expertise.
  • Assisting with newsletter preparation.
  • Planning family-oriented type events.
  • Volunteering to help N.H. program during vacation or non-working days.
  • Helping to promote New Horizons and recruit new families for membership,
  • Providing supervision on field trips.
  • Participating in New Horizons fundraisers.


New Horizons is a private non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors. It is licensed through the Community Care Licensing Agency, State of California Health and Welfare Agency, Department of Social Services, 744 P Street, MS 19-62, Sacramento, CA 95814, phone # (916) 920-7712

License #010209783 for the Preschool/Daycare Center has a child capacity of 49 and ranges from age 2 to entry into first grade.

License #010211680 for the Infant Center has a capacity of 4 infants to 1 teacher or 5 infants with the addition of a teacher aide.

This school abides by regulations for Child Care Centers, Title 22.


New Horizons implements all current regulations written by Community Care Licensing, Department Social Services.

New Horizons is dedicated to providing a quality education program to all children in the Livermore Valley. People of all races, nationalities, physical abilities, and economic backgrounds are invited to attend. Visitors are welcome.

New Horizons has provided services to families working with subsidized programs. In addition, families needing assistance in tuition may apply for scholarships funds.

What makes New Horizons different/unique from other private schools? We encourage parent/primary caretaker involvement in our program. Involvement is of ultimate concern to work together as a team fulfilling the best program for each child. It is our belief that parents are first teachers of their own children and New Horizons staff are the support system to fulfilling quality childcare and preschool programs.