Welcome to New Horizons! Our staff is looking forward to an exciting time and many positive learning experiences.

Do’s at New Horizons

  • Complete all portions of your registration forms.
  • Parents are always welcome to visit! Do say Good-bye before leaving, especially to your child. Let staff know also.
  • Sign in on the daily Attendance Record and sign out upon picking up your child. This procedure is very important for Emergency Roll Call.
  • Upon arrival at school DO walk to your child outside and in view of a teacher.
  • Attend Maintenance days. Bring tools, cleaning supplies, etc., if possible. A $50 fee will be charged if unable to attend or make-up time within two weeks.
  • Attend mandatory quarterly meetings. No show fee is $25.
  • Bring to school a change of clean clothes in a plastic shoebox with name on end of box for your child to keep at N.H. DO label clothes, jackets, sweaters, and lunch boxes. Use a permanent marker and put your child’s name on EVERYTHING.
  • Pack a nutritious lunch for your child each day.
  • Preschool Child Development Program

    New Horizons Child Development Program is especially designed to meet the needs of working parents. New Horizons operates a unique program for children between the ages 6 weeks and 5+ years. The hours of operation are from 7:00am. to 6:00pm. daily except during New Horizons holidays. (See New Horizons Calendar of Events.)

    The curriculum areas in each New Horizons program are non-competitive games and sports, physical fitness, arts and crafts, perceptual motor development, cognitive tasks, and cultural activities. Community field trips will be available as transportation, scheduling and funds permit.

    A qualified full-time staff conducts the program at New Horizons. All staff members meet the educational requirements established by the State of California Department of Community Care Licensing. Our facility is fully licensed. The staff consists of sensitive and mature individuals who are able to relate well to both children and adults. The staff has the personality and ability to provide children leadership and stability to the program. The staff will maintain a child staff ratio of twelve (12) children to one (1) adult as stated in the Community Care Licensing Regulations.

    New Horizons adheres to the State of California discipline regulations for childcare providers.

    New Horizons’ goal is to provide a comprehensive childcare environment, which includes parent support for recommending and implementation of the program. In addition, parents are required to perform quarterly maintenance, and to attend parent meetings.

    Infant Program

    Caregivers provide a support system for the family. Staff provide a loving and nurturing environment for babies and toddlers.

    VISITING POLICY: Prior to enrollment, visiting with the child is mandatory. Infant and staff need the opportunity to develop a bonding relationship. Therefore, a minimum of two 1-hour visits to the infant center is necessary to become acquainted.

    DAILY ATTENDANCE SHEET must be signed with full name and time of day.

    WHAT TO BRING: Disposable diapers, wipes, 2 - 3 changes of clothing, daily formula/food, and snacks. A favorite blanket and/or stuffed animal may be kept in the sleeping area. Remember to label food, clothing, blanket(s), stuffed animal(s), etc., with your child’s name.

    New Horizons Infant Program is especially designed to meet the needs of working parents. Basic services will include loving, nurturing physical care for infants from 6 weeks to 24 months. Structured curriculum geared for varied age levels which includes fine and large motor development opportunities, both indoor and outdoor activities as well as activities for sensory stimulation will be provided.

    The hours of operation are from 7:00am. to 6:00pm. daily, except on New Horizons Holidays.

    Co-op Parents

    DO come to class on your participation day 15 minutes early for set-up and plan be 10-15 minutes after for clean up.

    • DO make arrangements for a substitute if you cannot work on your assigned participation day.
    • DO realize this procedure is very important for our teacher-child ratio.
    • DO sign the Attendance Sheets for CO-OP participation. (The binder is located near the sign in/out sheets)


    Forms: Enrollment form, Identification/Emergency, Physicians Report, current TB test for child (also for adult if a co-op parent), Child’s Social History, Letters of Permission, Admission Agreement, Tuition Disclosure, Co-op Agreement, Parents’ Rights Disclosure, Personal rights, Parent Interest Survey, and Ethnic Survey.

    • Each child must be registered. Registration information is treated in a confidential manner.
    • A non-refundable $100 registration membership fee to New Horizons is due upon registration for the New Horizons Program and reserves a spot for 2 months. This fee covers orientation literature and printing costs for registration.
    • Infant Program requires a one month tuition along with a non-refundable $100 registration to hold a spot. The tuition amount is non-refundable but may be used towards the first months tuition.
    • Telephone registrations are not acceptable. A two-hour visit to our school and observation of program are necessary prior to enrollment and registration.
    • If there are children that cannot be accommodated, a waiting list will be established for the program.


    • Tuition must be paid in advance. Monthly payments are required.
    • Tuition is due on the first day of school for new students.
    • Monthly payments are due on the 1st of each month. The payments are considered late on the 6th and are then subject to a late charge of $20.
    • If balances are left unpaid an additional 10% charge will be added on the 15th of each month thereafter. (If the 1st of the month falls on a weekend or a holiday, the payment is due and must be paid the next day New Horizons daycare is in session.) When special circumstances arise please speak to the Director in advance. Bi-monthly payment arrangements may be made with the Director.
    • It is a policy that all parents must sign a tuition contract agreement.
    • It is a policy that a parent must pay for an entire month of care. (Any exceptions must be pre-arranged with the Director in writing.
    • New Horizons tuition is based on a year round tuition system. Vacations & illnesses are billed at the regular tuition rate. This applies to all sessions: full time daycare, preschool only, school age program, and Infant Center. Families may request a leave of absence and have their spot held for a predetermined amount of time after paying a deposit and receiving approval from the Director.
    • Reduction in tuition, Agreement for Maintenance, or any other kind of agreement may be made by applying to New Horizons Board in writing.
    • Confidentiality will be of utmost concern for all families needing assistance.
    • Returned check fee will be charged to the parents.


    School Hours

    We open at 7:00am. and close a 6:00pm. Our Preschool Program is from 8:45am.- 12:00pm. The teacher is very busy getting projects set up before the children arrive and then get the school in order at the end of the day. (The children work hard and are ready to go home. Please be as close to schedule as possible.) Supervision of all children is of utmost concern. If you are early, plan to stay with your child until the session begins. There are exceptions to schedules such as party days and visiting days. You will be informed of any changes ahead of time by way of the bulletin or a note from the school. PLEASE PHONE the school if your child will not be attending that day. Let us know before 10:00 am.

    Withdrawal Policy

    A written letter requesting withdrawal from New Horizons Membership needs to be submitted after which a percentage of monthly tuition may be returned. Monthly tuition is refundable on a pro-rated basis providing all of the following conditions have been met:

    • Two weeks written advance notice is given before leaving school.
    • Membership contract has been fulfilled.


    Income from fundraisers helps to make purchases for equipment and maintenance, and pay operating expenses. We will have occasional fundraisers to help with specific operating costs and improvements.


    Families are required to do maintenance at the school for a period of 2 hours per family per quarter: Fall, Winter, Spring. Each maintenance hour is valued at $50 per quarter. A scheduled maintenance day will be held one Saturday morning each quarter. Maintenance jobs may be completed 2 weeks before, or 2 weeks after the scheduled maintenance day.

    Co-op Participation

    Participate, as agreed, on assigned workday in preschool session. If participation is not possible, arrangements are to be made by the member by trading workdays with another Co-op member, providing a suitable substitute or making up the hours missed in service to the school. Creative Co-op and regular Co-op both consist of 3 hours per week or 12 hours per month. Signatures are required to verify participation. Standard rates will be billed if non-participation occurs.

    Mandatory Parent Meeting

    Parent Meetings are scheduled quarterly and each family is required to attend. Families may attend a Board meeting if they are unable to attend the mandatory meeting. Each unattended meeting is valued at $25 and will be billed to the following months tuition.


    New Horizons serves morning and afternoon snacks daily.

    • LUNCH IS TO BE BROUGHT FROM HOME DAILY. Be sure to write your child’s name on the outside of his/her lunch pail. New Horizons will provide milk and water. DO NOT send gum or candy. Any child who does not come to school with a lunch due to an emergency, will be provided lunch.
    • BREAKFAST/SNACK POLICY - Breakfast is offered from 7:00-7:50am. Snack is served once mid-morning and again mid-afternoon. All snacks are purchased and prepared by New Horizons and the cost is included in the tuition.

    Pick Up of Children

    • A sliding late fee will be assessed for families who arrive late to pick up their children. For the first three offenses they will be charged the current fee of $1.50/minute they are late. This fee will go up to $3/minute after the first three offenses. If this occurs a fourth time or more the fees will go up to $5/minute. This policy will reset every six months. (Please secure and file with New Horizons records at least three contacts on your Emergency Phone List to be used when you are going to be late. Be sure to confirm this responsibility with your contacts and update your contact list promptly when needed.) Local police will be contacted if a child is not picked up by 7:15pm.
    • If you know that you are going to be late, please let us know as soon as possible. A late fee is still assessed, even when a phone call notifies the Staff of a late arrival.
    • Late fees will also be assessed for ½ day pre-school families who arrive late to pick up their children. If children are picked up after 12:05, families will be assessed the sliding rate as noted above.

    Late Arrival

    New Horizons staff try very hard to maintain a consistent and educationally experiential circle time. Students arriving late are disruptive to the teachers and fellow classmates. Any child arriving during circle time; please be respectful and come in quietly.


    Any child or parent, who continually exhibits unacceptable behavior, following a parent/site director conference and remains a problem, is subject to termination from the New Horizons program.


    Health forms will be provided to parents for each New Horizons participant and must be completed and returned on the first day of school. (You may request our staff to obtain a copy of medical forms filed at another childcare center.)

    • If your child is ill, please keep him/her home and notify New Horizons staff by 10:00 am. that he/she will not be coming in.
    • Illness policy: Please assess your child daily BEFORE bringing them to school. Sick children need to stay home. Children need to be fever free for 24 hours without medication before returning to New Horizons. Please inform a teacher if there is anything abnormal about his/her health. Please have your current phone number on file. Please make any necessary notes on the Roll Over book In the Kitchen that we need to know about your child on any given day.
    • A note must accompany any medication from the physician. A specific outline of the procedure and schedule must accompany the medication. The child’s name must be on the prescription as well as the dosage. The medication must be in its original container.
    • Do not send your child if you feel he/she is coming down with something. Have your child stay home for 2 or 3 days after the onset of a cold.
    • When your child has been exposed to a communicable disease, he will need to stay out of school during part of the incubation period. We will need to be notified of such illnesses so we can help figure out dates, and notify our other members.
    • For certain conditions please request a note from the attending physician stating your child may return to New Horizons and is not contagious. California State Community Care Licensing Agency designates New Horizons as a well care facility; therefore we cannot care for sick children.
    • Illness/time away from N.H. for less than 1 month must be paid as regular tuition. This includes months for spring and winter breaks and all other half-month tuition’s.


    • They have a fever of 100 or higher.
    • They vomit.
    • They have uncontrollable diarrhea.
    • They have signs of pink eye.
    • Child appears lethargic.
    • An injury to the head occurs.
    • Unknown exposed rashes that bother child, oozing or pussy rashes.
    • The Head Teacher/Director finds something else relevant that requires your immediate attention or a visit to the doctor.

    These requirements have been set by the California State Community Care Licensing Agency in conjunction with health regulations and adopted by New Horizons.


    No child will be released to anyone whose name does not appear on your application without your specific instruction. Remember to update your list of persons authorized to take your child from N.H. We will release children to minors with written permission from parent only.


    California Department of Social Services regulations prohibit childcare providers from using corporal (physical) punishment, imposing humiliating discipline or mental abuse, or from interfering for punitive reasons with daily functions of living such as eating, sleeping, or toileting (Ca. Admin. Code, title 22, Div. 6, Chapter 1, Sec. 80072, Chapter 8.5 Sec. 88036.) Note that this standard of behavior for childcare providers is more stringent than for parents, who are permitted greater leeway in administering "reasonable discipline." Under California law, a parent may not even contract with a provider or give permission to administer corporal punishment. (Johnson vs. Ca. Dept. Social Services (1981) 123 Call. App. 3d878).


    The following days New Horizons will be closed

    New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, Christmas day after.

    The Parent Board of Directors may vote to close additional day(s).

    Childs Space

    Each child has a cubby in which to put his lunch and jacket. His projects are put there to take home. We will put any notes or bulletins for you in your mailbox. It is the child’s responsibility to take the things from his/her locker. It is each adult’s responsibility daily to check the Communication Box for bulletins, notices, etc.

    Please Note: We request that no facemasks, knives, guns, candy or money be brought to school. The children may bring toys, books or other favorite things to show on their sharing day. Please label sharing toys.


    Please bring a complete set of clothing labeled with your child’s name to keep at N.H. Include shirt, shorts/pants, underwear, and socks to use when clothes become soiled or needed due to change of weather. LABEL EVERYTHING PLEASE! Please have all clothes worn by children as comfortable as possible. Do wear play clothes and tennis shoes. Backless shoes and platform sandals are not allowed. Use clothes you will not mind the children getting dirty. Light sweaters, windbreakers and sweatshirts are more practical than heavy jackets. A long sleeve shirt with a sweatshirt works great.

    Emergency Plans

    Should a non-threatening crisis occur such as fire or an earthquake, safety procedures at N.H. will be followed and childcare will be given until a parent or other designated person arrives.

    Should there be a national disaster, the New Horizon staff will care for the children in their charge. By law, school staff members become emergency service workers in the event of a disaster. Depending on the severity of the disaster, the following procedures will be followed:

    • Fire: Evacuation of the building. Parents or emergency contacts will be called if necessary.
        Meeting location:
          Rancho Las Positas Elementary School. A note will be posted outside N.H. to designate where the children are being cared for.
    • Earthquake: Evacuation of the building. Parents or emergency contact persons will be called if necessary.
        Meeting location:
          Rancho Las Positas Elementary School
          Pine Street Fire Department at the corner of Pine & Rincon Avenue.

      In the event of an emergency, please keep the following in mind:

    • DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL - We need our phone lines free to summon emergency vehicles (if needed) and to report in to our central administrative office which becomes the emergency communications center. We encourage you to tune in to our local FM radio station, KKIQ (101.7 FM dial). Station personnel have been most cooperative in broadcasting school information in time of crisis.
    • DO NOT DRIVE TO THE SCHOOL TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD - Parked cars can block access of emergency vehicles, thereby potentially endangering students’ lives. Please walk to the school from a safe distance to pick up your child.
    • CHILDREN WILL BE RELEASED ONLY TO THOSE PERSONS WHO ARE NAMED ON YOUR CHILD’S EMERGENCY IDENTIFICATION FORM. This rule is also enforced even during the time of a natural disaster. Make sure you list on this form anyone who might be available to pick your child up in any emergency. Update this form frequently. Add contact names frequently. And be sure to let your contacts know of their responsibility.