The program contains a variety of experiences including: non-competitive games and sports, physical fitness, art and crafts projects, perceptual motor development, environmental education programs, and cognitive tasks. Cultural activities will also be included.


Full Time Partial Time
7:00 am. to 6:00 pm. 9:00 am. to 12:00 pm.

Infant/Toddler (3 months to 2 years)

Caregivers provide a support system for the family. Staff provide a loving and nurturing environment for babies and toddlers.

The staff will maintain a ratio of one teacher for every 4 infants or toddlers. Additional staff will be added as additional infants or toddlers are served.

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Busy Bees (2 and 3 year olds)

We provide a stable place for toddlers and young children to learn and explore. The staff consists of sensitive and mature individuals who are able to relate well to both children and adults.

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Piano Room (3 and 4 year olds)

The children will experience some sorting, sequencing, patterning, consequences, name recognition and "writing", and many self-help skills.

In addition the children are exposed to simple forms of abstract thinking such as time and conservation.

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For children preparing to enter kindergarten we provide a friendly, structured pre-school environment.

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